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The Humane Money needs a new form of company, so that the general population can save real values​​. In addition, the SSC (Social Share Company) provides long term, the primacy of politics restored.

The SSC is the stock company similar, but with some serious differences.

  • Have voting rights only to natural persons, Institutional Shares have no vote in the election of the Supervisory Board.
  • People have from a holding of shares worth 600% median active and passive voice.
  • Each voter has only one vote regardless of the number of units. The right to vote is not transferable.
  • From passive suffrage persons be excluded with incompatibilities to the company interest.
  • The election of the Supervisory Board are held annually.
  • At least 20% of SSC Shares must be in privately owned by individuals, because only they have in this type of society the right to vote. Although shares in institutional ownership receive the full dividend, but have no voting rights.
  • Shares are sold or bought only through a State Exchange. Only through inheritance takes place a change of ownership without Exchange.
  • At the SSC stock market there are buying priorities. With the same buy limit an individual will be ranked against a legal person. Furthermore, has a buyer with previously owned more shares, against a buyer with less pre-owned shares in the cold. Furthermore, buyers are ranked residing in the economy before others.
  • The Board has no authority over the company’s shares, they may also not be a component payroll of employees.
  • SSC does not pay corporate taxes nor trade taxes. Also, the company’s profit is not taxed. This will make them attractive to companies. The tax is only the employee’s wages and the shareholders over dividends, both subject to income tax.
  • There are no salaries or compensation for Supervisory Board members. Only expenses are paid by the company.
  • Only the Supervisory Board is responsible for salaries of the board members or capital by new issue of shares.

In practice, boards that distribute high dividends, also elected to the Supervisory Board. Or vice versa, others who earn little dividend will be removed quickly.

Individual companies, associations and cooperatives are automatically converted to a SSC above a certain level of revenue. However, on the stock exchange they have to only if the shares are traded. This may also be new issues to increase capital.

The SSC Exchange also supports start-ups, by selling shares before the foundation and supports the foundation. The founder requires a minimum capital of 600% median. Finding a business idea enough buyers to cover the budgeted capital requirement, there is no foundation and the stock market refunded back the investment.

A further reform step, the variable standard working time . While there is no taxation of overtime more but changing the standard working time changes the minimum hourly wage. This has a significant impact on the economy, therefore, this possibility is an important adjustment for economic policy .

For the state, the standard working time has no meaning. Their use in collective agreements is the sole responsibility of the social partners.

In human monetary system, changing the standard working time is not an ideological achievement. It is both reduced and increased, depending on economic need.

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