Social system

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The reforms of the economy and the tax also will pave the way for a fundamental reform of the welfare system.

After the two reforms are carried out, many social achievements are superfluous.

In the Human monetary system wealthy and elderly people live mainly from their dividends. These dividends they receive through their ownership of shares in the economy.

Young people without inherited wealth live mainly of an unconditional basic income, which consists of the basic purchasing power and a few hours of work per week. They focus primarily on their education and the upbringing of their children.

This is not a paradise, because the basis of purchasing power decreases immediately when insufficient manpower available.

In the Human System labor income is subsidized below the minimum wage. Young people with no unearned income will therefore endeavor, as long as possible to take advantage of this subsidy.

Only when the unearned income has reached a certain level, the desire turns. Then, no longer yields the basis of purchasing power and the compensatory payment. Then it is worthwhile to massive savings, so you get more and more dividends from SSC shares.

Thus, each determined even when he wants to retire. Those who are not SSC shares save up to live in the age of the base of purchasing power.

Any citizen with primary residence in the national economy is automatically sickness, accident and nursing insurance. This state system is fully financed by taxes. Is billed with inclusion of the beneficiary. There is no power without a deductible.

The deductible prevents the ill-use of services of public health systems. Therefore, such deductibles must be appropriate to the income. The higher the income, the higher the deductible.