God’s Calendar

God’s calendar, forgotten in Egypt, proclaimed God during the exodus of the people of Israel. This started with:

King James, Exodus 12,2
This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you.
The calendarApp for calculating God’s calendar

After entering a year of the Gregorian- or Julian calendar, God’s calendar always starts in Thailand, because parts of it were still preserved in Asia. (e.g .: -5 for 5 BC)

First full moon after the equinox
Beginning of the year near the equinox
The beginning of the year always after the equinox

In the distant future, the Gregorian calendar will no longer exist. As an illustration, it will no longer be displayed from 2058.
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Options of this app
The date line

There is no human date line in God’s calendar, so this line is between two days every month in a different place in the world. This limit is determined by the exact time of the new moon and sunrise.

God’s calendar can thus largely do without technology, because both the time and the date can be read in the sky. However, even in biblical times there were the Levites for calendar calculation, because you needed calendars for the future.

The time in God’s calendar

The modern civilization of mankind can not do without the Gregorian calendar so easily, because today’s economy is dependent on it. But society as a whole is also highly dependent on modern times. God’s Calendar will, however, become generally known before the return of God’s son.

Historical explanations